Institutions Managed by CMI Fathers

Student's Leadership

The Student Council

The student council has been established to assist the Principal and the staff in the smooth running of the school. The council consists of the school head boy and head girl, the games captains and their assistants, the Prefects, the House captains and the vice-captains. These office bearers play a vital role in maintaining discipline and order. All students are answerable to the office-bearers for their conduct in the school.

Student Council for the Academic year 2015-2016


Head Boy

Gokula Krishnan K

Head Girl

Jasmitha S


Assistant Head Boy

Ram Karthick S

Assistant Head Girl

Harini Priya R

Sports Secretary Boy

Lingesh Gowtham M

Sports Secretary Girl

Subitha A

House System

The students belong to one of the four Houses. Each house under its House Master / Mistress and Captain, tries to strive to do the best. The Houses compete with each other in studies, sports and other activities.